New Q&A Feature: National Post’s Primed Property

national post primed property

There is always a lot of talk about buying real estate; discussions around the water cooler mainly reference open houses viewed the weekend before, price comparisons of similar houses in different neighbourhoods and whether or not the closing date might be right. But what about when you’re selling? That’s a whole different experience, with a whole different set of talking points.

This new column will focus on the selling side; it will look at ways to optimize your return through planning and preparation. Send us your questions and we’ll connect with agents and other experts for advice you can use. We’ll look at decluttering, paint colours, whether to create two large bedrooms out of three small ones, the necessity of a main-floor powder room, boosting curb appeal and anything else your home might be in need of prior to listing.

Royal LePage’s House Price Survey out this week says that across Canada, a standard bungalow rose 6.7% to $406,218, a standard two-storey home rose 6% to $43,379 and a standard condo rose 4.5% to %257,624. In Toronto, arguably the country’s hottest market, a standard two-storey home rose 8.6% in the fourth quarter of 2014 to $745,062 and condos rose 6.9% to $384,680. It forecasts a 4.5% increase across the board in 2015 for the city.

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